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Macaws are the most colorful of parrots, their bright color makes them an the ideal subject for paintings, it is no surprise these tropical birds are a popular theme among painters. I know that I certainly like painting them, although their long tails tend to get in the way a when planning a composition. I often find myself planning the painting around the tail! But nonetheless their rich color is an artist's delight.

Macaws are the largest of all parrot species with long tails. There are 18 species of macaws, two of the most recognized are the Scarlet macaw and the Blue and Gold macaw. Macaws are a noisy bunch with a gergarious personality. They are quite sociable and in the wild they can be seen hanging out together and flying in flocks.

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Parrot Facts

Parrots' beauty, intelligence and superb ability to mimic the human voice makes them a sought after pet. But they require a lot of time, investment and care if they are to thrive in a home environment. Being social by nature, they can become cranky to the point of pulling out their feathers if they are not given enough attention. Perhaps the best place for these magnificent birds is in the wild where they are free to soar through the open tropical sky with other wing flapping friends.