Art Frame On Shelf Mockup

FREE Mockup Download


Download is a zip file which contains two 1500 x 1100 px png files, one of black art frame in landscape orientation and one of black frame in portrait orientation.

Free for both commercial and personal use

Redistribution of mockup in any format such as on cds or websites offering mock up images for free or for sale is not permitted.

Unzip file after downloading

Open png mockup file and your artwork in a graphics program with layer capability

Resize artwork to fit into frame opening (approx. 450 x 550 px)

Copy and paste artwork as a new layer into the mockup and move the layer behind the mockup

Resize to your desired size and save it with a new name to retain the original mockup file for future use

Example of artwork in the mockup:

Description of Mockup Picture
Black frame leaning against wall on white shelf with a lamp as a decorative accent. Frame has a white mat with transparent center for displaying artwork.

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