acrylic pet portraits

Pet Portraits On Canvas Panel

Contemporary art of your dog or cat painted in acrylics on canvas panel. Canvas panel is canvas glued to a rigid backboard and ready to be framed.

Available in four standard sizes at a price for just about any budget.


5 x 7 inch: $70 US

8 x 10 inch: $150 US

11 x 14 inch: $180 US

16 x 20 inch: $250 US

Shipping is included in price for Canadian and US destinations.


No deposit needed, you don't pay anything until you have seen the finished portrait online and are happy with what you see. Portraits are shipped after full payment is received and come with a full money back guarantee.

dog portraits

Painted from your dog and cat photos in a contemporary style with loose brushstrokes. For inquiries drop an email to Replies are answered within 24 hrs during the work week.

Boston terrier portraits

cat portraits

Artwork will be composed up close and cropped but if you prefer a more traditional look, that can be done too. A beautiful acrylic portrait of your cherished pet is just an email away!

See Acrylic Pet Portrait Gallery for more examples