The Black Capped Chickadee is the largest and most widely spread chickadee in North America, measuring around 5 inches in size. It is found in large parts of both the US and Canada. Is the Black Capped chickadee a songbird? Yes, though it may not be as melodious as other songbirds, the sound it emits is just as delightful.

Attracting chickadees is easy, all it takes are some black oil sunflower seeds which are a favorite among many species of birds because of the high fat content of the black oil in the seeds. The black oil is a source of energy that birds need in their daily and long distance travels.

Black Capped Chickadees are one of my favorite birds, I enjoy watching them in the backyard and turning my observations into art. I hope you enjoy my chickadee artwork below, it can be purchased on posters, prints and on various products such as clocks and mugs.

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